Cupcakes Are For Winners

Session #5
We have the high ground.
  • The party questioned Splug, who was extremely excited about helping the group take out Chief Belgrond, so long as they gave Splug the chief’s wand. He hinted that there was a better way to take out Belgrond other than running through the main doors as there were guards near an alarm bell.
  • Uncertain of Splug’s intentions, the party checked around for a secret way into Belgrond’s quarters but had no success. After much deliberating the group finally agreed to free Splug and give him the wand if he showed them the secret path.
  • Splug led the party back the way they came and into a hallway where Splug showed them a secret door that led to a hallway. At the end of the hall was another door. Sakah slipped into the room which turned out to be Belgrond’s chamber. Sakah killed him as he slept. Unheard, Sakah slipped out to kill the lone guard in the room but was heard and a battle ensued. Further down past Belgrond’s room, Dave pulled more goblins out using his knowledge of the goblin tongue and quickly dispatched of them.
  • Further down past the secret hallway the party checked out the excavation site. They found little of interest other than more goblins that needed to be dealt with. After clearing out the excavation site the heroes returned to Belgrond’s room, secured the area and got some rest.
  • The party found Belgrod’s wand but after spending some time with it realized it was magical. Not trusting such a device in Splug’s hands, they finally convinced him to leave with a healthy sum of gold (and a really nice pouch to put it all in).
  • Two areas remained. One tunnel led off the excavation site and another area on the other end of the keep. The party decided to investigate the opposite end of the keep.
  • Below they found darkness and were required to proceed by torchlight. In the dark they discovered many undead and some runes on the floor…
Session #4 Part 2
  • The party got up early to get started on their journey to the keep. The journey to the keep was uneventful.
  • Arriving at the keep, they discovered that it was in complete ruins. After scouting the outside they discovered the only remaining entrance was a set of stairs leading down. At this point they decided the stairs were too spooky and left.
  • Just kidding. Like any good adventurers, they entered the keep.
  • Inside they found a room with a large carpet and halls leading off in all directions. A single goblin scout stood inside and he ran off to warn others. As Sakah ran across the carpet it fell from underneath him and revealed a rat-infested pit below him. Thanks to his awesome Airstrider Boots he was able to continue running over the pit. Andrew regrets ever giving us something so cool.
  • More goblins appeared and the party takes out the guards and chases the original runner down. He says that his master is Balgron.
  • Continuing deeper into the first level of the keep, the party discovered what appeared to be a hall that led to a torture room of sorts. A blood stain on the floor ran from one room to the next and in one room was an assortment of torture implements. On the other side of the door they could hear more goblin voices.
  • Naru had recently used a Rosetta Stone Goblin course and tried to convince the goblins in their own tongue that Balgron was here to see them. His mastery of the goblin language was sketchy at best, though, so the party just threw the door open. Inside they were met by various goblin fighters and archers along with the head torturer who grabbed two brands and heated them up as he charged the door.
  • A fight ensued and the party took out the torturer and his guards. The remaining archers fled into a cage in the back of the room, locked the door and slid their weapons out. A hallway off of this room led to a few cells. Inside one cell was a goblin by the name of Splug.
Session #4 Part 1
Don't eat the pie
  • Valthrun told the party that upon further research, it seemed as though the mirror may have in fact belonged to the wizard who originally sealed the rift at the keep. He also told the party the story of Sir Keegan, the commander of the keep. One night he tried to kill everyone in the keep. Eventually the other soldiers overwhelmed him and killed him in the lower level of the keep. After that the keep was abandoned and left in ruins.
  • Pixel, Naru and Sakah attended the funeral of their now-dead companions. More importantly they were able to borrow a mirror from the temple to serve as a stunt double for the real mirror in their travels. Everything was coming together nicely (except for the two dead party members).
  • What was left of the party went to the inn where they found Douven Stahl chatting with some other friends that came to town in search of him. Turns out they had a much easier time than we did since Douven was just sitting at the inn. Douven introduced us to his friends.
  • As we chatted, Mrs. Bakersfield walked in and greeted Eilian, asking for help with some trouble in her basement. Having nothing better to do, the party along with their new-found friends agreed to help her in exchange for a not-at-all-suspiciously large sum of gold and some delicious pies.
  • Down in the basement the party encountered some really nasty rats. After clearing out the basement the party discovered a trap door underneath some sacks and a rotting stench coming from below. As the party went to head upstairs to ask Mrs. Bakersfield if she knew anything about this trap door, they discovered the door back up was now locked.
  • Thankfully Sakah was skilled at picking locks and got them out with ease. Not trusting what might be below, Firi and Naru watched the trap door while the others slipped upstairs.
  • Mrs. Bakersfield was hiding at the top of the stairs. We charged her and Sakah managed to tackle her on the stairs ask she yelled out, “Defend me!” As she yelled, Firi and Naru started to see movement at the bottom of the trap door. Mrs. Bakersfield let out a shriek which threw Sakah back against the wall and she fled upstairs.
  • Below, Naru and Firi were dealing with zombies lumbering up from below. The first few managed to get through before Firi could shut the trap door and cover it with some sacks to slow however many more undead might be waiting below. For some reason the zombies seemed much more interested in moving upstairs than fighting them.
  • Back upstairs, Susy was dealing with several zombies lumbering their way up. Mrs. Bakersfield ran towards the skylight and onto the roof as Sakah and Pixel gave chase. On the rooftop, Mrs. Bakersfield easily ran from one rooftop to the other. Seeing no other option, Sakah and Pixel lept across as zombies made their way up onto the roof. As they landed on the adjacent building, a couple of zombies attempted to hurl themselves over to Mrs. Bakersfield but fell to the street below.
  • By this point a crowd had gathered to see what all the commotion was. Trapped, Mrs. Bakersfield fled back across to the roof of her bakery. Unfortunately for her Susy made her way up and managed to subdue the crazy baker.
  • The party brought Mrs. Bakersfield back downstairs and snagged her magic boots and rolling pin before the guards ran in. As the guards shackled Mrs. Bakersfield she told how her husband died and she learned the art of necromancy to try and bring her husband back to life. The tunnel under her basement led to the crypts under the temple in town, where she got her bodies.
  • After the guards cleaned up the mess, the party went to the temple to let the priestesses know what had been going on. It had been a long day of killing bakers so the party went back to the inn to rest up for the journey to the keep.
Session #3
Cupcakes are for winners

8/29/09 – Naru, Sakah , RoXXoR, Pixel, Coraline

  • Lord Padraig’s map led the party to a waterfall where a group of kobolds were working. Sneaking through the trees, Sakah was able to see a circle of runes on the ground. Naru decided a diversion would be best so with a little prestidigitation he made an explosion sound off in the distance, distracting roughly half of the kobolds and gave the party the upper hand.
  • As the kobolds were whittled down, one yelled, “Irontooth must be warned!” and ran towards the water. Thankfully a quick shuriken from Sakah stopped him from warning the others.
  • Noting that the kobold was running towards the waterfall, Sakah investigated closer and found a cave on the other side with more kobolds inside. Using an element of surprise to their advantage, the party marched through the waterfall together and into battle.
  • The battle was fierce but the party made good work of the kobolds. After clearing the first room of the cave, out stepped Irontooth with his guards. Irontooth proved to be a very formidable foe as he managed to fell both Coraline and RoXXoR. Enranged by their party member’s deaths, Sakah, Naru and Pixel managed to finally take down Irontooth and his lackeys. As he died, Irontooth yelled out, “Kalarel and Lord Orcus, prepare my way.”
  • Inside Irontooth’s chambers they found a scroll from Kalarel to Irontooth that read:
My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter. In a few more days, I’ll completely open the rift. Then Winterhaven’s people will serve as food for those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding..

- Kalarel

  • With the deceased in tow, the remaining adventurers returned to Winterhaven. The dead were brought to the temple but unfortunately the head priestess Linora was not in to help at that time.
  • After dropping off the deceased, the party returned to Valthrun to see if he had any new insights. It turned out the mirror looked like it could be used for some sort of ritual and they all agreed it seemed quite possible it may be related to a ritual used for opening a rift. After some discussion the party felt it best that Valthrun keep the mirror safe for now. Upon mentioning Lord Orcus, Valthrun told the party about the Keep of Shadowfell which was built over a rift to keep it sealed. Shadowfell itself isn’t necessary an evil place but sounds like someone wants to open the rift to let evil return.
  • Next the party went to demand an audience with Lord Padraig. It was late and the guards were reluctant but due to the dire circumstances the party finally convinced the guards to wake him. As it was late, the party agreed to meet with Padraig the next day and discuss their course of action.
Session #2

5/16/09 – Naru, Sakah , R0XX0R, Pixel, Coraline

  • The party followed the directions Eilian provided and found the dragon burial site. It was being excavated by a varied group lead by a “friendly” Gnome later known to be Agrid. A battle began when Naru sensed that Agrid was not as friendly as he appeared.
    • Defeated the Gnome Agrid, 2 Guard Drakes, 2 Halflings Slingers and 4 Human Rabble (minions)
  • Back in town the party met a local sage and scholar named Valthrun. He is currently researching the [[ancient mirror | mirror}} and the name Kalarel.
  • The party also met with Lord Padraig. He is concerned with the events at the burial site and how they may tie in with the rise in kobold activity. The party has accepted a commission from Lord Padraig of 100gp to assault the suspected hideout of the raiding kobolds.
  • After visiting some shops and slightly offending a few locals, the party is ready to follow Lord Padraig’s map to the kobold hideout… and… save the day?
Session #1

5/10/09 – Naru, Sakah, R0XX0R, Pixel, Coraline

  • The party is leaning towards heading out immediately
Prologue - Adventure Awaits

Douven Staul has made many friends over the years, and you count yourself among them. Whether you were one of his students, adventuring partners, or drinking buddies, you know his stories of exploring old ruins and the treasures buried within them. You were as surprised as everyone else when after so many years of retirement from adventure, Douven announced that he was heading out to the town of Winterhaven in search of a dragon’s tomb.

Douven evidently found an old map describing the location of the tomb and set out on his own to prove he still has what it takes. While many of his friends cringed when he told them his plans, no one had the heart to suggest that it was foolish at his age. Unfortunately, their fears appear to have been well founded, as Douven should have been home before a months time and it has now been over three months since he set out.

The time for waiting is over and the time for action is here. With everyone worried for Douven’s safety, a party of volunteers has been brought together to search for their teacher and friend. You have chosen to help for your own reasons and find your party approaching Winterhavento begin the search for news of Douven.

Dun dun dun!


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