Cupcakes Are For Winners

Session #9

Drakes, drakes, and more drakes


Lord Padreg says the town of Elkridge, a farming community, has a problem with drakes attacking villagers. Elkridge is one day’s ride north. Firie uses the Phantom Steed ritual and the party heads out.

While traveling the party hears howling and sounds of battle. Upon approach the party sees a Shifter fighting some gnolls. The area is ripe for ambush with 10 foot tall rocky outcroppings. The shifter turns out to be a powerful shaman, Rafiki. Rafiki determines the gnolls are from the Three Jaw tribe from the Cairgorn mountain range. He’s surprised they are this far south.

As the party approaches town, four drakes are attempting to break into boarded up “THATCH ROOF COTTAGES!!!” The drakes are Green, Blue, Red, and Fatty Gold. Red grabs a peasant and flies away. Firie blasts Green with Chromatic Orb, doing 3 fire damage to Sakah because he was adjacent. She managed to bloody her own groupmate, nice job Firie.

Sakah is grasped by Green who flies away with him. The entire party uses action points to try to kill it. Finally Sakah uses his action point and kills (subdues) the drake, but the fall knocks Sakah unconscious.

Sakah tries to communicatie with the subdued drake, but while it seems to understand draconic, it can’t reply.

The party finds a lone child in one of the buildings. He’s a six year old half elf named Tennil. In the second building is Relith, a male human. He says the drakes have been attacking almost daily now and it started weeks ago. Tenil’s mother had a beautiful amulet with her. The drakes always come from Cairgnon mountains. Relith suggests talking to Mavros, the closes the village has to a leader.

The party stays the night and helps Relith re-fortify his house. Relith will help Tenil get to what remains of his family.

The party goes to see Mavros. He has a slightly larger place than the others. He says there is no pattern to the attacks, maybe being driven out of the area. They started near the woods, working out. Gnolls used to be a problem but Ereth was a warlord 20 years ago and helped drive them off. There are tales of riches in the mountains.

While talking with Mavros the party hears an alarm in the distance. A boy says drakes are attacking. A drake has a saddle and saddlebag and is pinning a man down. The symbol of Orcus is on the drake’s saddle.

Claws and Fangs of Violation uses food & nature to befriend the saddled drake. Sakah speaks to it in Draconic. The party tells the drake to lead them to his master. The master is lying face down dead on the ground. He’s indented as if he fell while flying. He’s Dragonborn. There is a satchel up in the tree which Rafiki climbs up to get. There is also a torn cloak of orcus. The satchel contains Staff of Draconic Power +1 which is given to Naru. There is a map outlining flight paths, including to Morningfall Summit in the mountains. The routes do not go over settlements (they are avoiding populated areas)

Claws and Fangs of Violation and Sakah stay with the drake in the woods while the rest of the party goes back to Mavros. He says another drake has been found so they investigate. The drake is wounded with villagers standing around it. It tries to speak draconic but Sakah isn’t there to interpret. Lyra casts a ritual to communicate with it. Naru uses Prestidigitation to make itappear the mob leader crapped his pants. They back off.

The drake says many others were captured. His rider was knocked off. He says someone has been doing experiments and rituals up there (the mountain). He says the only way to ride a drake is a ritual that binds the drake to a rider. The drake is too far gone and dies.

The party rounds up climbing gear with Mavros. One villager had a map with back passages. The party reaches Morningfall Summit. There are lots of ruins, including floating rubble. There is a floating tower in the middle, mostly still intact. Some of the debris has Draconic runes on it.

Claws polymorphes into a drake and Sakah mounts her. Giggling ensues. They fly around and find lots of debris. They do see an area with a large statue of a Dragonborn. There’s a ring of statues surrounding it. They see some figures outside the tower. Two on the ground, one drake on top of the tower (big and chained). There’s a large pile of debris near the tower with an opening.

The party goes to the statue area. A female Dragonborn apparition appears and orders the party to stop. She’s not happy being a ghost. This was the city of Arastanus, “city of flying stone” – crash site of the city hundreds of years ago.

The ghosts name is Vrak. She’s of Tiburax lineage, one of the noble lineages of the City of Stone. Bejik proved to her he is one of their decendants, but she learned later he a worshiper of Orcus. Now she’s forced into servitude. She cannot allow the party to pass. Bejik is attempting to rebuild the floating city for evil purposes.

It’s decided Sakah will ride Claws in drake form over to the tower to investigate. They fly over and land. As the guard walks over, obviously ready to be subtlety and easily manipulated into helping the party gain access, Sakah instead freaks out and punches him in the face. The guard runs into the tower, voices are heard, Sakah and Claws notice arrow slits in the tower, the world begins closing in on them, so they mount up and hightail it out of there. As they begin their glorious escape they see a rider unchain the large drake atop the tower and give chase. They decide to fly away from the party initially to throw off any would-be followers on the ground. Then they head back to the party with the large drake and rider hot on their tail. Screems of “It didn’t work! It didn’t work!” reach the party as they see two drakes plowing towards them.

  • At this point Steven decided he needed to head back to his very pregnant wife, Liz. A couple hours later they went to the hospital and the next morning Samuel Thomas Reinke was born. Level 0 human, 18 charisma **



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