Cupcakes Are For Winners

Session #8

go through big doors, see cathedral type room human with knife held high, singing praises of orcus

big fight, killed underpriest of orcus – ram’s head is symbol of orcus giant glowing crystals in room, river of crimson flowing into hole in floor four chains go down into floor, blood flows down into pool below

sakah yells down hole asking if anyone is down there voice repsonds and says yes, serve me we ask how he says like all others by dying then we toss the body of the priest down the hole we here yelling and voice says, “i continue to serve you my lord”

as we wait we here chanting below and a voice yells out “the shadowfell will claim you” finally we slide down the chains to the area below

black portal in chamber below. the thin veil of black seems to be holding something back runes in front of portal opposite portal, statue of orcus, pointing towards darkness with a wand small pit other wall with pit and two small orcus statues altar opposite,book open in front of him, chanting = kalaral

priest of kalaral only one left, teleported to middle of runes shurkiken throw by sakah hits kalaral – shur i can! kalaral yells “you shall all serve orcus”

pixel got pulled in closer to the portal by the hands sakah fell over unconcious and kalaral seemed pleased

flash of light in form of platinum dragon flies down and pushes priest into portal and the portal collapses everyone received a blessing from bahatmut

981 gold ritual book



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