Cupcakes Are For Winners

Session #15


The party decides to call forth the spirit held in the skull. He is a priest of Vecna who says the goblins somehow got fused with his fascination with the eyeball pillar. The Priest of Vecna believes releasing whatever is trapped in the eyeball tower will please Vecna, as well as help lead him to the powerful artifact, the Hand of Vecna. The party decides to help pretty much for the sake of it. They also realize this may be necessary to break the powerful draw the Drakes have to the eyeball tower.

The Priest of Vecna says he needs a power source, which he has conveniently already located. A few days travel gets the party to an old ruined castle of the famed wizard, Evard. Naru suggest hurling the skull into the castle and letting the Priest of Vecna do what he needs, but instead everyone enters. Roll initiative!

Battle with Ghouls, skeletons, and eventually Shadows leaves some cuts and bruises but nothing too major. The party moves on through a door that leads to a courtyard overrun with the most obvious “going to attack you” plants ever. In at attempt to avoid confrontation the party climbs into the rickety rafters. Claws and Fangs falls into the plants and is attacked. Sakah swings down, Prince of Persia style, and swoops her to safety. Naru manages to pilfer a magical sash off a corpse

PARTY TREASURE: Waist thing. When roll 20 on init, get extra movement that turn.

After the courtyard the party encounters another, living, Priest of Vecna and some henchman. They are after the stone of power as well, which is in this room. But it is immovable. Our priest thinks he knows what to do, so we gather around the stone with hands held. An odd sensation of traveling overcomes us but we don’t see or experience anything like we’d expect. Leaving the room reveals the courtyard is definitely different . There’s a reflecting pool with Ghouls and Shadows gazing into it as they watch scenes of ???. The badies look up as we enter but look back into the pool. Doesn’t seem like they will attack the party, whew!

The next room has a Ghoul Butler, wielding a “broomsickle”, a terribly efficient merging of two famed weapons of destruction, the broom and the sickle. When asked if Evard is home he attacks. Naru cannot shake the impulse to blow up all the undead who are not attacking the party. So he checks on them quick. Whew, they are still staring into the pool even though combat with the Butler and his broomsickle has started. Clearly they are not atta.… “EAT SHOCK SPHERE, SUCKAHS!!!”, Naru shouts, as his Wizard’s intuition overwhelms him. The Shock Sphere fails to hit a single undead but does manage to disturb the pool. They decide to attack the party after all.

Everything eventually dies. The Butler Ghoul still has some weird random-effect pouches.

PARTY TREASURE: four pouches of random effect.

The party goes up the tower, which is no longer collapsed in ruins. The find a large open area with a ghostly image of Evard performing a ritual. He seems to be attempting to open a rift between the Shadowfell (turns out that’s where the stone of power sent the party) and the natural world. A magical pen is writing in the air. Lhyra and Claws manage to arcanely stop the pen while the party rather easily dispatches the ghostly image. Crisis averted.

PARTY TREASURE: the pen is magical, think of something cool that it does.

Turns out Evard had two identical castles, one of which was in the Shadowfell. Now that the ritual has been stopped, the stone of power looks to be different. The party uses it to get back to the natural world where they find the stone is now movable. The other Priest and his goons are dead in the courtyard. Rafiki snags the Robe of Vecna (non-magical). The party heads to back to the eyeball tower.

The Priest of Vecna uses the stone of power and releases the creature from the tower. It’s a big ugly ball of eye, tenticles, and flesh. It utters gibberish but a few things are able to be understood, primarily something about “the cards”. It rambles away. The Priest of Vecna would like to be released from the Skull so he can follow it.


Andrew will probably be taking over DM duties next. Susy found a cooler version of the Druid so she’s reworked Claws and Fangs a bit. Rafiki is deemed too powerful and will instead be replaced by the benchwarmer, Pixel. The word of the day is, “mediocre”. Just kidding, we love Pixel and can’t wait to have him back. Hope he has twin panthers.

Mike, we seriously need to create RP Notes.



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