Cupcakes Are For Winners

Session #14


Decide to head out from Winterhaven. Travel east along the northern portion of the map.

Drakes get very uncomfortable over the Grey Downs. Party lands and finds a 6ft tall statue of a pile of eyeballs. There are a ton of bones, both old and new strewn around it. This is where the Drakes were drawn to. Foot traffic leads to the north and there are wolf tracks.

Claws and Naru detect magic on the statue. Carvings on statue reference the god, Vecna, who’s symbols are a hand and eyeball.

Decide to head north with Drakes following. A group of goblin wolf riders shows up, presumably going after the Drakes. The party defeats them. Continue north but the Drakes return to the statue, primarily due to Taruk ’Mata not caring if Sakah lives or dies.

Find a cavern. The plan is to draw the occupants out. Sakah tries to climb to a ledge for a leaping suprise attack but instead falls to the ground. He evidently causes an inordinately loud commotion. Two bugbears and three goblin archers hear the noise and come to attack. The party defeats them and finds 100 gold.


Sakah kiks the next door down after Naru’s smoke & goblin voice fail. There are cultists, a smith, and mages. The smith does some cool stuff with AoEs coming out of a burning Cauldron. Sakah goes down but Naru basically kills them all.

Tables have alchemy stuff. A ruby scabbard is mixed in, as well as Residum.

PARTY TREASURE: Ruby Scabbard (quickdraw and +1 dmg on first attack after weapon is drawn)
PARTY TREASURE: Residum (magical dust)

Scabbard goes to Sakah due to the quickdraw aspects, and since no one really cares.

Party defeats some remaining goblins, bugbears, and a wolf-man. When the wolfman dies a spirit leaves him and floats away. The spirit was being “called back” and looked like a cultist. Party follows it to the last room and finds a giant throne with a skull on top with red glowing eyes. Claws uses arcana. The spirit was called into the skull. There’s just one spirit in the skull and it can only hold one.

Ended here.



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