Cupcakes Are For Winners

Session #13


We part ways with Sathek. Spend the night in an Inn to study the Drake ritual.

  • Ritual of Drake Binding
  • Requires arcane circle
  • Involves varying degrees of success

Notice something in the sky against the sun. Claws prepares for an aerial assault, despite the lack of any immediate danger.

Arrive to Smaugworts and talk to Vrak. There is an existing arcane circle on the premises.

Sakah goes to get a closer look at the object in the sky. The party goes to check the old Drake pen.

  • Pen is torn apart (by drakes)
  • Tracks indicate something was dragged away

Sakah makes the object out to be a … giant head. It’s decending, maybe a day or two out.

The party encounters kobalds.

  • Naru toasts a bunch with lightning
  • One escapes into a cave
  • Fight some priests, fighters, sling kobalds in the cave
  • Rescue 5 drakes, including ’Lil Buddy & the big one from the top of the tower

Anyone can perform the ritual, doesn’t have to be the bonder. Rafiki does the honors.

  • Claws: Strong bond, Drakes gain language ability (or telepathic link?)
  • Rafiki: Strong bond, Drakes gain language ability (or telepathic link?)
  • Naru: Good bond
  • Lhyra: Basic bond
  • Sakah: Basic bond

Random tidbit. A Quadrant is, “a quarter of a circle” OR “a section of a city”. As this was evidently important enough to document in the notes, the group probably argued for quite a while about it.

The party flies up to the floating head. It’s a giant stone human female head, 120 ft tall. Can sense arcane magic. Top of head has a tower. Everything is in disrepair.

Meet a human named Bolos. He calls this his “head in the clouds”. It’s a scholarly flying fortress. Bolos travels the world in the head but is currently losing control of it. He found the head in deserts East past the Downforge Mountains, buried in the sand. Elemental magic is involved. Elementals are bound to the head.

The party helps “land” (crash, land, whatever) in the foothills. Have to fight the elementals that are breaking free.

Meet some curious KenKu on the ground outside. They are tribal bird men who think we’re gods due to landing in a giant floating head. Claws gives them a Sunrod which they like and take with them.

Three demons and four tieflings show up ready to fight. Claws and Lhyra both fall in the battle but don’t die. Claws “does a critical psychic damage on the demon’s mind but since he’s a demon he kinda liked it”. Rafiki gets dropped but saved by Naru’s feathers.

Go hang with Valthrax

Dragonborn floating cities were greatest of Arkosia Empire. Their downfall was Tieflings. Bahatmut (Dragonborn) vs Tiamat (Tieflings).

Valthrax knew Bolos back in the day and says he’s trusworthy.



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