Cupcakes Are For Winners

Session #10


Just before reaching the party the drake and rider catch up. Both attack and wound Claws. The party gets in some ranged attacks, and when it’s Sakah’s turn he acrobatically leaps off of Claws and onto the enemy drake. Failing to knock the rider off on his first attempt, the uses an action point and succeeds on the second try. The rider plummets 30 some feet to the ground. The enemy drake tries to buck Sakah but he hangs on for the time being.

The party rushes over and engages the rider in battle. Just as they are about to kill him the enemy drake manages to buck Sakah unceremoniously to the ground, snatch his rider in his claws, and take off. Naru will have none of it however, and blasts the rider with Magic Missle, killing him.

The party uses a well known method of training Cheetahs to calm the drake. There are now three total drakes, the new one, the playful one the party brought along in the first place, and Claws in drake form.

The drakes grab all the non-drakes and drag them to the top of a large piece of floating rock. They then pull the rock chariot style over to the tower. The party leaps to the roof and battles with some archers and other bad-ass Dragonborn.

As the party battles its way down the tower Naru decides to show off his wizard skills. He remains outside on the large floating rock and moves it around with Ghost Hand. He levitates from window to window hurling spells into the combat going on within the tower.

The party finds the Patent of Nobility parchment starting with Vrak and ending with Bejik. Sakah deems it an authentic patent, noting he has a very similar document as part of his lineage. There is a rough carving of the Orcus symbol in the wall that seems to be covering up something that was written in chalk. The party finds some Eternal Chalk and figures someone didn’t like what was written on the wall, hence the carving.

The party continued down through the barred enterance in search of Bejik. They found and killed him. He did call Vrak to aid him, but as soon as he died she turned against his remaining henchman. He had his drake (the largest so far) down with him. His spear was claimed by Rafiki who will wield it as a +1 totem.



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